אתי סרוסי ספא במרכז אור יהודה

Etty Sarussi

Spa Therapist & Owner

About Me

My Name is Etty Sarussi
I was trained and qualified LMT.

סרוסי ברוך

Baruch Sarussi

Spa Therapist & Owner

About Me

My Name is Baruch Sarussi

I was trained and qualified at “Gabriel Goldman Institute” in Tel Aviv in 1988. I’ve worked as a masseur at the Hilton hotel in Tel Aviv for 15 years and in other private spas as well.

I’m qualified in: Ayurvedic marma massage, pregnancy massage, rehabilitation massage and more.

I also specialize in distilling organic plants & herbs for the extracts I use in my treatments.

ספא פרטי במרכז פינת ישיבה
מכון ספא במרכז מועדון ספא אור יהודה

About Spa

Eco Organic Private Spa

Kessem Bamaga Spa is a one of a kind spa for a relaxing body and soul experience. It is located in the heart of a beautiful ecological – organic garden in Or Yehuda.

Enjoy a variety of: massage treatments, spa services, spa addons to upgrade and complete a joyful spa day.
professional massage, therapeutic medical treatment, Swedish, Ayurveda indian Marma massage,Thai Massage, hot Stone deep and pampering massage, detox massage, parental massage from Week 16 up, anti Cellulite treatment, reflexology and more..
spa services, fish spa, large whirlpool (Jacuzzi) in full privacy.
spa addons, herbal body scrub, body mask/wraps, Body exfoliation, aromatic baths and more…
or choose one of our special packages aimed for singles, couples or groups for special occasions/celebrations.


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