Kessem Bamaga Spa – A Private organic spa in the heart of Israel

Enjoy a variety of spa treatment's packages for body and soul,in a special magical atmosphere, in full privacy

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Kessem Bamaga Spa , is located in the heart of an ecological – organic garden in Or Yehuda,
surrounded by fruit trees, plants, herbs, flowers and birds’ songs.

Kessem Bamaga Spa offers a variety of private personal/couples/group Spa Treatments including:
Massages (pregnancy, sport, medical. Ayurveda and more), Body Wraps, Cellulite Treatment,
ecological fish spa (feet/full body)

treatments for detoxification and stress release and more.

In our spa treatments, at Kessem Bamaga Spa, we use oils distilled from our locally grown organic plants and herbs.

Pick your spa massage spa treatment or spa packages, Kessem Bamaga Spa, especially assembled for you,
and enjoy some time of relaxation, tranquility and a release of physical and emotional tensions.

Only at Kessem Bamaga Spa you’ll have a unique, private, pleasant and relaxing experience.

Kessem Bamaga Spa is a personal Private Spa.

You (single, couples, party) will be the only guest at the spa to enjoy our peaceful and relaxing experience without any interruptions.

Among our variety of massages and spa treatments we offer: classic swedish massage, hot stone massage, aromatherapy massage treatment
ayurveda marma massage, ictioterapia fish spa Exfoliation (full body – the only one in Israel), pedicure, pregnant women massage spa packages and more.

Kessem Bamaga Spa invites you to enjoy this one of a kind experience alone, with a partner or in a party to celebrate those special events

for spa massage near you Call 0522894674
we are open week days from 09:00 to 23:00
call for weekends info

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