Full body fish spa

"Kessem Bamaga", a spa in the center, allows a thorough treatment to the whole body.

Fish spa treatments for those interested in natural pedicure, full body exfoliation treatments in a natural way, and also, full body fish spa provides relief to those suffering from psoriasis.
for years Therapists and facilitate world handel with skin problems with fish. fish activity faction psoriasis and eczema patients in the healing process.
fish spa treatment When changing skin cells that our bodies naturally and discarding them without any pain or disorder.
The treatment process will allow you to refresh your skin, open pores and revitalize the skin again.
Fish spa treatment takes approximately 20 minutes for manicure and 40 minute full-body exfoliation treatment,
If necessary, treatment time can be added fee.
to use you must apply SPA ETIQUETTE Our Spa regulations for visitors, treatment and service

 more  info from the globe http://spa-kb.co.il/fishtherapyinfo

some info about fish spa from around the world

UK http://www.city-connect.org/garra-rufa-fish-pedicures/

Fish Spa Mexico

?What is a fish Spa

Full body Fish Spa is a unique ecological pool with over 2000 live Garra Rofh Fishes

Ecological organic advantage spa and fish is its being free of chemicals, no toxins and no pesticides, and that is natural and much healthier.

"Kessem Bamaga fish spa ", a spa at the center, are following the natural ecological system, containing biological filters, UV light to kill the ?? that allows the most elusive
biological bacterial fish spa pool.

full body fish spa

Also contains a system that matched it with plants that are fed from the material in water purification and also provide additional water.
The combination of Garra Rufa fishes living in with special plants, provide a complete natural experience, the most healthy way.
Fish spa pool is a heated pool and maintains the temperature between 28-31 degrees Celsius.
You can enjoy fish spa pedicure while sitting by the pool alone, or with friends, and let the fish do faithful work, or dip in the pool and enjoy the most natural body peeling.
Largest amount of fish that spa.

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