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Spa regulations

Our Terms Of Use the SPA ETIQUETTE / spa regulations

Here at Kessem Bamaga Spa we offer you a unique private and relaxing spa experience.

Follow Spa Regulations knowing the Spa Terms of use in Advance

Booking & Reservations

Placing an order

Please Fill a contact form. It can be done on this website, add as much information you can.
Full name, so we can save your contact correctly.
Cell phone no' (even if you don't hold local cell phone we connect on WhatsApp or other).
Email address ( we will send you an Appointment by email that will show address, and on your schedule web Calendar + get the information needed (know for having the best you can).
If you didn't get a response within a couple of hours try SMS to +972522894674
Please call our cell phone 052-2894674 or landline no' 03-629-5508 to reserve your appointment.
Try connect with WhatsApp chat for doing so Click or
Copy the whole URL and paste it to your bowser.
We use Signal & telegram too.

For validation process we will ask A valid credit card number.
Its required at the time of booking and to confirm your reservation.


Avoid a heavy meal 2 hours before treatment. Don't eat before a massage session.
Are you planning Arriving in advance of your appointment.
To check in and relax before your spa treatment. If your are let us Know.
We are a Private Spa. When Other clients having service. We WON'T let you in. Sorry.
Upon arrival you’ll be asked to remove your All jewellery and makeup (including cream, deodorant, coloured Unnatural etc) if you need we offer bathroom to shower.
The Best for treatments is Avoid adding them at first☺☻.

We will offer You a spa robe & towels for use and complimentary spa slippers.

Your Health Information

You’ll be asked to answer a health questionnaire.
Please help us keep Our Spa regulations, they are to better suited our clients health.

Clients with: Contagious skin problems, Infectious skin lesions, open wounds,
Vaginal issues, menstrual cycle. Are not allowed in the fish spa.
For Fishes treatment, naked body can have creams etc try avoiding that,
Bathing suite can have detergents, left from washing.
If haven't done so. We recommend to Shower before using the whirlpool (jacuzzi) or fish spa.

Under Age

Patients under the age of 16 years old.
Must be accompanied by an adult in the treatment room.

Spa Area

Our Spa regulations for treatment and service Spa Terms of use

Eating and drinking While using The fish spa and whirlpool (jacuzzi) are prohibited.
Smoking at the spa is prohibited.
Neither nor in Jacuzzi, Fishes Spa, Treatment Rooms, Bathrooms, Showers Etc.
Smoking is allowed in the garden. Plenty of quit spots for you.

Treatment Oils

It's beneficial to your skin.
We will recommend you leaving the massage oils on your body after you had massage treatment.
Unless your your wearing a three part suit.
We'll wipe off the oil residue so it doesn't stain what you're wearing.
Let us know if your not comfortable or if your planning to having a sower.

Food & beverage

We offer Meals we cook at the spa, with fresh eggs from our chicken coop.
Kosher food, we can't have Kashrut, its normal, We are a spa parlour we don't employ a Rabbi.
Event, we allow bringing or ordering food you like.
IT MUST be discussed before .
Events, party's, celebration of any kind.
Girls Day Spa, Birthday Party, Bachelorette Party, Divorce Party, family & company Event. WE HAD THEM ALL ()-;

The Fish Spa

It is recommend arriving after having a shower.
As mentioned in spa regulations you can Take a shower here Before.
Wear your bathing suit or not it's Your Decision. We Will talk about detergents left on clothes.
(Relevancy for a full body exfoliation).
Avoid, Don’t dip your head in the Fish Spa water, Your Chin Should Stay Out.
Eating and drinking in the fish spa is prohibited.

The whirlpool – Hot Tub (jacuzzi)

Spa Terms of use for Jacuzzi the Whirlpool.
The use Is before treatment ONLY and after taking a shower,
(20min max – you can Split To two, if you feel dizzy Let Know & SLOWLY go out).
Eating or drinking while in the whirlpool is prohibited.
Using the jacuzzi / whirlpool is prohibited for:
Pregnant women, People with heart problems, High Blood Pressure and Children under 16.
Avoid if you are. You are not comfortable inside its to hot for you?
Do not force yourself to sit longer.
You can faint in the blink of an eye.
Do you Feel dizzy, let your partner or therapist know as soon as possible.

How to – Dress Or Undress

For Full BODY treatments as body peeling, mask, scrub, wrap, massages and Workshop's.
We will offer you to Undress all clothing.
You will be covered with a towel to be comfortable During treatments.
If you feel uncomfortable being unclothed, let us know.
We will try offering ways so you are OK and comfortable.
If the above doesn't suit You can Wear a piece of clothing.
Ware something That will make you comfortable during the massage or other treatment.
If So make Sure you bring spare underwear so you stay dressed.

Payment methods

Cash, Bank Transfer, PayBox, Bit, checks.
Only for clients don't use the above – credit cards (some not accepted).

Cancellation policy

You are unable to attend your appointment or a need to cancel.
Let Us know soon, You must provide notification a minimum 24 hours notice.
Less than 24hrs, charges will be applied to your credit card.
Cancelation without a proper Notice will Charge your Credit Card for Cancellations Fees.
Cancellation costs without advance notice as above: 50% of the order value, or a minimum of NIS 150.
As above for fish spa minimum 50 NIS per person 150 NIS per order.
Please Avoid.

Site content and shared site content

It is clear to you that the entire information and content on this website is presented to expand your personal knowledge, is in no case used as a substitute for professional medical advice and professional health advice. Does not constitute a recommendation in terms of medical advice and the opinion of a qualified doctor.
It is clear to you that there is advertising in the site's content and it offers massage services and body treatments, the service as our recommendation and opinion and that any reliance on it is your responsibility.
"Kessem Bamaga Spa" Magic Of touch, Sarussi Baruch, Sarussi Etty are not responsible for the content and writing. Including photographs and comments, that appear on the site, even their correctness has not been scientifically proven. And that use of the information therein requires further inspection and verification.
Where we are located? we are in or yehuda.

Please Read carefully
Spa regulations IS knowing our Spa Terms of use

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